BitFas Overview

Main Features 
  •           HIPAA Compliant.
  •           Completely web enabled.
  •           Supports Home Based Transcription.
  •          Automatic Speech Recognition supported through dragon medical.
We are providing training tools for using Dragon Medical front end tool with ATFAS. This enables small and medium MTSO to start using the advantages of ASR in their transcription workflow with very small initial investment.
  •  Eliminated the use of Ms Word to save enormous amount in licensing.

If you are MTSO with 20 seats or above you are already break even with the software as it eliminates the need of word license renewal
  •   Automatic and manual file allocation. 
  •   Pickup/deliver file s from doctors desktop.
  •   Final documents are delivered in Ms Word format. 
  •   TFAS can be easily integrated to any HIS easily.
  •   Very affordable price (Easy installment schemes available.

'TFAS' is a complete transcription work flow automation system developed in latest Microsoft technologies. It picks up the audio files from provides desktop and deliver it back to providers after completing the process. Its architecture is specially designed for easy integration with third party medical management software’s. An HL7 module available with the system makes it easy to integrate with those systems.
Automatic Speech Recognition is most important feature for any modern health care/Transcription software. TFAS is mainly designed for addressing the work flow automation challenges in MTSOs. This makes it a candidate for background speech recognition. TFAS supports dragon engine for background speech recognition. We have also devised a method for training the engine without speaker’s intervention. This will help MTSO’s to employ speech technology to almost all providers with out disturbing them . It may be a difficult task for forcing the providers to do the speech training.

TFAS automatically download audio files from corresponding doctors Ftp server and automatically/manually allocate these files to transcriber. Automatic file allocation is very import for efficient management of transcription job. Automatic allocation checks the preference of transcribers.
Process Flow 

TFAS Components

These are the web pages used to manage TFAS server. It allows user to create and manage transcribers ,providers(doctors),Hospitals,Clinics, MTSOs etc etc. In addition to it alos allows user to manage transcription process.